Spring Landscaping: The Ultimate Resource

Hannah Mitchell

April 16, 2020

Just as you're considering the upkeep, maintenance, and cleaning of the inside of your home, you should be considering the state of your yard. Landscaping is the first line of defense against pests, it has a huge impact on the value of your home, and is an important part of what makes your home unique. What you'll need to consider for the spring will depend, in part, on your goals for your yard and the state that it is in now. A professional landscape contractor can look at your yard and help you build a customized plan that is suited for your home, but there are some tasks that should be on your to-do list no matter what.

  • Inspect irrigation systems for leaks or problems
  • Repair or replace hardscaping
  • Look for signs of pests or fungus

Here is an in-depth list of items to keep in mind when landscaping your home.

  • Caring for new sod
  • Mulch
  • Spring Refresh
  • Landscape Design

Caring for New Sod

Spring is the ideal time of year to install sod. It's warm enough that it can root properly, but not as wet as in the summer when the heavy rains we experience daily in Gainesville can cause problems. If you're considering new sod, the most important thing you can do is ensure that it is properly inspected by a certified turf specialist. Sod can come from the farm with fungus or pests in it, and it is critical to catch problems early on so that the sod can be installed and take root without issue. The turf specialist will do an initial inspection early in the process and then also once the roots have been established. A quality lawn care and landscaping company will require this in order to have a warranty on their sod work. If you work with LawnMore (and you should), we will make sure that you have access to a qualified turf specialist. If you choose to work with another professional lawn care service, be sure that you ask about their sod installation policy and if they have a turf specialist they recommend. If you're considering installing sod, take a look at our blog post to learn more about caring for new sod.


Mulch is another important component of your spring landscaping maintenance. It's common in residential landscape design, so tending to it is an important part of home lawn care. If you have existing mulch in beds or around trees, you should inspect it to determine if you need to add more or replace it. To do this, pick some of the mulch up in your hand or turn it over with a rake. If it falls apart easily and has decomposed, then you need additional mulch. If the remaining mulch doesn't show any signs of mildew or fungus, then you can rake it to even it out and let it fertilize the soil beneath, and add new mulch on top. If the mulch does have growth or signs of pests, then you'll need to remove it before adding new mulch.There are a lot of benefits to using mulch in your yard. To learn more about mulch and how to use it in your landscaping, you can read our post.

Spring Refresh  

If you're happy with your landscape design, then it isn't necessary to do a complete overhaul every year. However, you will want to extend your spring cleaning and maintenance outdoors to make sure that your yard is as beautiful and well-maintained as your home. Lawn and garden maintenance is just as important as other types of home maintenance.To refresh your landscape, just look at your yard section by section. Check for debris or trash,   things that may be broken or worn, and recall how the section looked throughout the year and make a note if there is anything you'd like to add. For a thorough list and advice of what to consider when refreshing your landscape, take a look at our blog post.

Landscape Design  

Have you been thinking of a full-scale landscape redesign? Spring is the perfect time of year for an install because it gives new plants ample time to establish before they have to endure the summer heat.  The best garden landscape design is unique to your home and your family. Your home's landscape design should complement the design of your house and be optimized for the way you use your yard. You can use landscaping to help create a comfortable and safe space for your pets, and even to help you save on cooling costs. If you're thinking of redesigning your landscape, get a consultation from a qualified landscape designer soon. You'll want to allow plenty of time for the work to be completed before long hot days and afternoon showers.

Helpful Links

To further assist you in ensuring that you have all the information you need to care for your landscaping this spring, we've compiled a list of some helpful posts and websites.LawnMore Blog Posts:  

External Links:

  • Florida Yards: A great source for advice on Florida Friendly Landscaping
  • G&S Nursery: Helpful tips, tricks, and videos as well as a reputable source for purchasing plants.
  • Lawn Fertilization: Here is a helpful calendar that gives great information about fertilization schedules.

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