Mulch Installation

Nurture your plants and shape your landscape with professional mulch installation

Professional mulching transforms your yard into an oasis. With low water and maintenance needs, mulch is a wonderful turf replacement. Our professional installation and upkeep services ensure your landscape stays beautiful and healthy throughout the seasons!

Should you mulch your yard? 

Mulch is not only aesthetic and easy to care for, but it also saves costs, improves other plant life, and is environmentally efficient. Mulch retains moisture, which allows plants more time to absorb water before evaporation. This not only hydrates and enriches your plants, but also saves water and lowers irrigation costs. Mulch also helps reduce the amount of weeds that spring up in your yard. And even while decomposing, mulch adds nutrients to the soil. This makes the soil more beneficial for plants by improving the nutrient value, drainage, and structure of the soil. In bare areas that are inhospitable to other plant growth, mulch can be used as ground cover. 

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Choosing the right mulch for your yard

There are a variety of types of mulch and uses. Mulch can be used as ground cover, or as a base surrounding plants or trees.

Organic mulch is wood-based, while inorganic mulch is stone-based, such as rock or cobblestone, or even sometimes rubber-based. There are many popular mulch choices for North Florida landscapes.

Bed of mulch next to a green lawn with orange and blue flowers in the distance

Pine bark. It's a versatile, hardy mulch widely available in the North Florida and useful for a variety of design concepts. We tend to recommend it for a wide range of landscaping projects because it looks great and is a reliable option.

Pine straw is another solid choice. It's the by-product of trees from plantations, and it knits together and doesn’t wash away easily. It's a particularly great option for yards where there is a lot of leaf litter.

Do you need a professional mulch
installation service? 

The value of professional mulching is the assurance that your mulch won’t be improperly applied.

We apply mulch at a depth of about four inches, as it will eventually settle to a two or three inch depth. Different types of mulch hold up differently over time-- melaleuca resists settling for a long time, while pine straw settles quickly. If applied poorly, mulch can cause problems for new and established plants, or deteriorate quickly, causing additional costs and maintenance.

Mulching around trees also requires care. “Volcano mulching”, or mulching high on the base of other plants, can trap moisture against them, leading to rot and fungus. These potential problems are all taken into consideration by our team when laying mulch. We want your yard to stay beautiful and healthy all year long!

A professional landscape designer will also make recommendations for mulch that matches your aesthetic goals and environmental concerns with the specific needs of your yard. Mulch not only saves money and water, but is also low-maintenance and beautiful, from turf replacement to flower bedding.

Mulch is a wonderful way to improve and refresh your landscape, and with our professional services, you can be confident in the quality mulching you receive. 

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