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Instantly refresh your Gainesville landscape with our custom sod installation services.

Professional sod installation is a wonderful way to refresh your lawn, bringing color and new life! Our Gainesville sod and turf services ensure your yard gets the best care, from the installation process itself, to ongoing maintenance so your lawn stays beautiful throughout the seasons!

Get the best results with a professional, scientifically-backed approach.

Sod installation involves several important steps, starting with testing the soil. We recommend a quality garden soil to get the best results. We'll even take soil samples to be tested at the University of Florida at IFAS as needed. Most turf grasses do best in well-aerated soil with a slightly acidic pH, and testing the soil reveals any deficiencies or adjustments that need to be made. It also helps us know which type of grass to select.

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Our sod installation process

Choose the right turf for your environment

When choosing grass, it’s important to consider climate and maintenance. North Florida landscaping thrives with drought-resistant, warm-season grasses. St. Augustine is a popular option for its low water requirements, as are Bahiagrass, Zoysia, and Floratam (a grass scientifically developed to repel pests!). For something resistant to other pests and diseases like grey leaf spot, there's even the new cultivar developed by UF IFAS, Citra Blue.

We prepare your lawn for the new sod

Another important step is measuring the planting area to ensure enough sod is ordered to cover the space. Next, we kill and remove any old grass or weeds. Herbicide suppresses growth, and a sod cutter can be used as needed to remove old turf. After this, the soil is ready to be prepared! It can now be loosened with a rototiller, uncovering any buried rocks and smoothing the soil.


When the sod arrives, we carefully lay it out in neat rows, wrinkles are smoothed out, and gaps or edges are filled in with extra scraps. This locks in moisture so the sod can put down roots. After installation, it’s important to limit any foot traffic on the grass initially. 

Initial watering

Sod can be watered as soon as it’s installed, since deep irrigation is important to promote root establishment. Water should penetrate all of the sod and at least two inches into the native soil. For the next week, the sod should be kept moist, but not soaking. After this, we can perform a visual inspection for fungus and pests to ensure there is no potential for damage. Keep the sod moist for another week, and then cut back on watering in order to prepare for the first mow. We mow your lawn after the sod has had time to start establishing roots, and cut very little of the grass. 

Maintaining your new sod

We recommend a turf inspection one week and 30 days after installation to check everything is taking root, watered correctly and ready to grow.

Ongoing maintenance for your sod is easy! Our lawn care packages provide services to ensure your yard stays healthy. It’s important to continue to check root establishment of sod, strategically reduce watering, and have your yard occasionally inspected for pests. Fertilization is another consideration to discuss with your friends at LawnMore, and can be introduced once your sod is more established. 

Sod is a wonderful way to refresh and brighten your yard, and with quality installation services, you know it’s all taken care of.

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