5 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Hannah Mitchell

September 28, 2020

5 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

With the arrival of cooler weather, we are all looking for ways to spend a little more time enjoying the outdoors. These front yard projects will make your outdoor space more enjoyable and also give your home a nice spruce up before your holiday guests roll in.  

Add a water feature

Pond with blue adirondack chair in backyard landscaping

Even a small front yard can benefit from the visual interest and peaceful sounds of a water feature. You can have a small feature with rocks and a decorative pot, or even a larger pond if you have the space. If you have a larger area, a pond with a nice sitting area can turn your yard into your own private oasis.  

Succulent planters

Even the most inexperienced gardener can successfully raise succulents. They provide color and texture to your front yard, but require very little care. You can create terrarium displays with several varieties to maximize the impact of these sweet little plants. For the most part, succulents require very little care. You may choose to bring them inside if the weather looks particularly cold or wet, but these hardy plants don't need much more than that.  

Succulent planters in Florida landscape design

Lined and lighted walkways

Make your walkways safer and more beautiful by adding beds with wired lighting. It can be tempting to pick up DIY solar ones, but we don't advise that. The panels are weak and tend to wear out quickly, the cheap plastic housings break easily. We suggest avoiding the wasted money-- and plastic in the landfill-- by using hard wired landscape lighting. There are varieties to match any aesthetic, artfully illuminating the path between your door and the curb as the days grow shorter. To ensure that they are providing light where it's needed, choose fixtu

Darkening sunset landscape in the background, lighted path in front yard landscaping in the foreground

res with caps that direct the light toward the ground. For maximum curb appeal, consider adding a touch of fall color with vibrant flowers like Chrysanthemums.  

Update your hardscaping

Pavers make a big visual impact! Use the same pavers for pathways and the driveway for a sleek, unified look. The color and style choices available are sure t

Man laying pavers in Gainesville florida professional landscape

o match the aesthetic of your home. When laid properly, they'll be durable enough to last for years to come. If you have cracked or broken concrete, this will be a great improvement to the overall look and feel of your home.

Add planters

Container gardening gives you flexibility and ease when it comes to swapping out your plants to use as seasonal decor. A few planters on your porch make your home feel more put together and welcoming. Marigold, Sweet Alyssum, and Begonia are great choices for flowers to provide a bright pop of color to your front door. If you have a larger area or want to use hanging baskets, Ferns always look elegant flanking a doorway.  

Three terracotta pots on the front steps of a Gainesville front yard landscape

LawnMore's professional landscape design team can help!

With decades of experience and 3D rendering technology, we can help take your front yard landscaping to the next level. We'll help you select the right placement for plants and water features, choose hardscaping that will complement the architecture of your home, and create an oasis in your yard that you will enjoy for years to come.  

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