Lemon Ball Sedum

Hannah Mitchell

September 25, 2021

One of the most vivid and fascinating plants is the Lemon Ball Sedum, a bright yellow plant that thrives in the Florida heat. Low maintenance, hardy, and versatile, Lemon Ball Sedum is a wonderful plant to add to your Gainesville landscape.

Lemon Ball Sedum consists of rubbery, green-yellow, linear foliage, with starlike bright yellow flowers blooming in late spring or summer. This plant doesn’t get very tall, as it is generally grown as ground cover. But Lemon Ball is a creeping plant, so what it lacks in height, it makes up for in width by easily spreading across the ground. A nontoxic plant, Lemon Ball is safe for pets, and since it’s so hardy, it’s safe from pests and other problems. 

A high-tolerance plant that thrives in full sun, Lemon Ball Sedum can live for many years, even through droughts. While it doesn’t need much, this plant does need occasional watering and well-drained soil. Soil type can vary, and monthly fertilization can be helpful. Talk to the friendly professionals at LawnMore for specific tips on how to fertilize your Lemon Ball Sedum. This incredible plant is also self-propagating. By tip cutting, stem cutting, or seeds, you can help propagate these plants and reproduce more plants! 

This vibrant plant has a variety of uses. Though it is commonly utilized as ground cover or in rock gardens, this plant is beautiful in hanging baskets or containers, or planted in raised beds. It can be used as edging, or as a border for other perennials. Bringing color and contrast to any Florida landscape design, Lemon Ball works well with ornamental grasses, and is beautiful when mass-planted around roses. 

Is Lemon Ball Sedum the perfect fit for your Gainesville landscape design? Reach out to your friends at LawnMore to learn more about how this plant could work in your yard! 

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