Dog Friendly Landscaping

Hannah Mitchell

June 27, 2019

Dog Friendly Landscaping

For pet owners, it can be difficult to strike a balance between visually appealing landscaping, and maintaining a yard that is safe and hospitable for pets.  Dog owners must take extra precautions when considering their landscape design. A great professional landscaping company will work with you to accommodate pets and make sure they feel right at home. Landscaping with dogs in mind involves making a few compromises and adjustments.  


Rolling lawns of fresh sod and dogs do not always mix well. Between dog dug ditches and puppy bathroom cleanups, an all-grass lawn might be more of a headache than it's worth. However, you can find a solution by incorporating hardscaping+D47No, we don't mean to pave your backyard paradise and put up a parking lot. Utilizing hardscaping can create interest, and provide areas in your lawn that are less inviting for bathroom breaks. You can use paths, barriers, and plants within beds to encourage your dog to stick to a specific area. This makes cleanup and maintenance a breeze!  Plant ferns, Mondo grass, or other plants with lots of ground cover and uninviting textures, closer to your home, patios, or other high-use areas. Then you can make a spot in your yard to be your pup's paradise! Give them a patch of space that is appropriate for their size, and one that you can reasonably keep clean. You can use low rock walls and garden paths to separate these areas. This gives your dog a visual barrier, and makes the areas you don't want them to go in less hospitable than their space.  A 3D rendering from a landscape designer is a powerful tool when making these decisions for your landscape. Using this, a designer can help you visualize the amount of space your dog will need, and then where you can add plant beds, hardscaping, and other elements.  

Keeping plants and dogs safe

Having a dog doesn't mean you have to give up on beautiful landscape design. In addition to hardscaping, fencing can be a good compromise between lush, colorful plants, and pet ownership. Fencing can look fantastic in a garden, complement architectural details of your home, and also be functional at keeping your dogs in their dedicated space. You can use fencing around beds or to create a run area for your dog. The choice will depend on your layout and the space you have available.    Fencing can help keep plants safe from dogs, but it isn't enough to keep dogs safe from plants. Certain plants can be harmful to your furry friends, so you'll want to work with your landscaper to consider pet toxicity when making your selections. You will want to avoid Azaleas, daffodils, tulips, and foxgloves. In particular, the bulbs of daffodils and tulips can be highly toxic to dogs. You would be surprised at just how many common plants can be dangerous for your dog.  In pursuit of ideal landscaping, there are a few obstacles created by an active pet! That doesn't mean you still can't enjoy a beautiful yard, you just need to plan ahead and visualize your space. The professionals at LawnMore can help you with landscape design and maintenance that will accommodate your four-legged family members.  

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