Plant of the Month: Muhly Grass

Hannah Mitchell

October 15, 2020

Plant of the Month: Muhly Grass

Muhly grass is a beautiful ornamental perennial that is perfect for Florida landscaping! This native grass grows in clumps, which grow to be around 3 feet tall. It has yellow-green leaves and feathery, wispy pink blossoms in the fall. These tiny, delicate flower blooms cover the canopy of grass and add a burst of vivid pink color to your landscape. If pink isn't your preference, there is also a cultivar with white blooms called ‚ÄòWhite Cloud'.  

Muhly grass with pink blooms blowing in a breeze in Florida landscape design

Muhly grass is easy to care for. Plants should be spaced out, about 24 to 36 inches apart, and since this grass thrives in full sun, baby plants should be watered to start. But after that, muhly grass is very hardy on its own. While it can handle both drought and flood, it does best in moist to dry soil that drains well. Sandy soil is a good option, which makes sense considering muhly grass is often found among sand dunes. You can learn more about caring for muhly grass here.  

hardscaping path with muhly grass border in Florida landscape design

Muhly grass is also very versatile. It can be utilized in both large and small landscape designs-- as ground cover in large spaces, or as a single stand-out plant in smaller lawns. At an average 3-foot height, muhly grass is also great to plant along a fence or structure. For instance, it's the perfect plant to border under your windows, creating curb appeal for your front yard! Check out this article for more front yard landscaping ideas, and contact the friendly professionals at LawnMore to see if muhly grass is a good addition to your Gainesville landscape!  

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