Butterfly Plants: Daylily

Hannah Mitchell

April 17, 2019

The next plant in our butterfly garden series is the Daylily. The Daylily comes in a variety of cultivars and each has different colors, shapes, and sizes. Their delicate looks can be deceiving; these lush plants are quite rugged and highly adaptable. They are ideal plants for new gardens as they establish very quickly, are easy to maintain, and provide a lot of coverage in a short time. The Daylily may not be as famous as its cousin the Easter Lily, but it is just as beautiful and arguably easier to care for.  

With over 35,000 cultivars to choose from, there is a Daylily to match any aesthetic! They come in the shades of pink, purple, and white that you would expect. There are many varieties that have more bold and unusual colors such as vivid oranges, bright yellows, and even blooms with variegated coloring or spots. In addition to the wide array of colors, Daylilies come in a number of flowering variations as well. The shapes of the petals can be smooth with either pointed or rounded ends. They can also have ruffled or scalloped edges, which give each bloom additional depth and dimension. Butterflies and other pollinators are drawn to their bright blooms and plentiful nectar. Because of the myriad of choices available, Daylilies are a great choice for the casual gardener or professionally designed landscapes.

Another feature that makes the Daylily a popular choice is its durability. Daylilies were introduced to North America during colonial days and passed between neighbors. With Westward expansion and further cultivation, they continued to migrate right along with people, and now the Daylily is grown in every state! Often referred to as the  "perfect perennial", Daylilies requires little maintenance and are able to withstand high heat, little water, and freezing temperatures. Their resilience and the fact that they establish very easily makes them an excellent plant for novice gardeners.

Wherever you fall on the scale of DIY to a full-scale redesign of your dream landscape, Daylilies are an excellent choice for your butterfly garden or other landscaping. Visit your local nursery, or ask the professionals at LawnMore for advice about placement and choosing the cultivar that matches your aesthetic and maintenance routine.



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