Spring Cleaning: Prepping Your Yard for Spring

Hannah Mitchell

April 5, 2017

Spring is officially here in Gainesville and North Central Florida! Though our winter was mild, proactive homeowners can ensure a pristine yard that looks its best going into spring. A properly kept and prepared lawn leads to a healthy yard for many years to come. With simple planning, you can give your lawn a complete makeover for the upcoming season.Our experts offer five tips for ensuring your yard is ready for Spring 2017!

5 Ways to Prepare Your Yard this Spring

1. Remove Leaves

Winter in North Central Florida means leaves; and lots of them. When removing leaves from your yard, keep in mind that there are a few ways of doing so. The most common way of removing leaves is by raking them, blowing them, and bagging them. For more information about yard waste disposal, visit the City of Gainesville's website.Another option for homeowners is to mulch their leaves. To properly mulch your leaves, you must take the grass catcher off your mower and mow over the leaves on your lawn. If you have an abundance of leaves on top of your yard, you can rake them first to reduce stress on your mower. Mulching your leaves is less costly, environmentally friendly, and great for your soil. According to Michigan State University, mulching leaves into your lawn returns many nutrients and organic matter to the soil that helps support growth.

2. Clear Out Weeds and Debris

North Central Florida often faces stormy weather. These storms can bring down many branches and other materials all across yards. Removing these branches and other debris is important to the process of preparation and growth. Branches and debris in your yard are not only dangerous but also poor for the grass underneath.Homeowners must also be proactive about weed control. Weeds can develop quickly in winter, and making sure your yard is free of weeds ensures proper turf health. A weed free yard provides the perfect foundation for your new spring look.

3. Spread Mulch

Adding fresh mulch not only makes planting areas look nice and neat but also helps retain moisture in the soil. This helps keep plant roots cool on hot Florida days. Just like your leaves, when mulch decomposes—it adds nutrients and organic matter to the soil underneath.We recommend adding a one-inch layer of fresh mulch in plant beds and trees. Make sure not to add too much mulch, especially around trees—nothing more than three inches deep. It is also important to not let the mulch touch tree trunks.

4. Add Spring Flowers

Planting spring flowers can make any yard look great. Flowers like Daylily's and Cosmos can create a peaceful and coordinated yard. Spring flowers help heighten the look of your home and also make it look more welcoming. An example of this is dressing up your driveway or sidewalk with flowers which gives the illusion that your house is farther from the street than it really is. There are a variety of flowers that you can plant this spring, so do your research to find the best flowers for your lawn. For a list of hardy, low-maintenance plants‚ visit one of our previous blogs here.

5. Create a Focal Point

Focal points in your yard like sculptures, fountains, or fire pits can add style and personality. Focal points highlight areas of your yard that are great for entertaining guests, adding privacy, and adding curb appeal. They draw your eye to something, so it is important to make it look its best. The most important rule: less is more. Avoid the temptation of overcrowding an area with objects you have decided that are  "must haves."   Also, make sure to avoid having too many focal points; it can create a confused space.   To create a strong focal point, visual lines with the garden should intersect. Some of the more common places of focal points include sidewalks, porches, and path endings.

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