Low-Maintenance Plants

Hannah Mitchell

January 1, 2017

Living in Florida gives residents more access to one of the greatest natural resources than any other state‚ the sun. Florida residents try to take advantage of this great natural resource by planting plants and flowers to make their yards stand out. However, many of us aren't fortunate enough to be born with a green thumb. Gardening definitely has its fair share of difficulties, so every once in a while it's nice to have plants that require little to no maintenance. Let's help turn your thumb green with these hardy plants that are hard to kill.


It's big, beautiful, and easy to grow. Cosmos are perfect for people who want an annual flower that reseeds on its own. It blooms from summer to frost and can grow up to six feet high. This is a backyard favorite that many people love to have in their sunny gardens. Cosmos will be beautiful season after season with little maintenance.


This is an excellent choice for many people who want to spruce up any type of garden . Daylillies are known for tolerating flooding, drought, and more. They are often used to control erosion on steep inclines. Their blooms are beautiful, and they come in a wide variety of shades. The are very distinctive with triangular, circular, double, spidery, or star-shaped trumpets. Daylillies grow 10 inches to 4 feet high and 1-1/2 to 4 feet wide. The daylily attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, and other critters. Note that the Daylily does best in full shade to partial shade.


Succulents are known for being perfect for rock gardens. There is only one way to kill a Succulent—overwatering. They grow anywhere from 3-6 inches tall and up to 20 inches wide. Succulents will bloom in the summer, no matter where they are. For ideal results, you want to plant them in well-drained soil that gets full sun to very light shade. This low-maintenance grower works wonders in moderate to small containers. Since succulents don't have a deep root system, you can plant them anywhere you'd like. You can even grow them in an old birdbath or beautiful china.


Hot days brings droughts and diseases that are dangerous for most plants, but the same days are perfect for Zinnias. There has never been a better time to grow Zinnias. This flower grows up to three feet high and has blooms that last until the first seasonal frost. Zinnias are easy to find and are usually in local nurseries and many catalogs. You can even start the seed from indoors and transfer them to outdoors.


The Yucca is a very popular and well-known centerpiece in the south. Many of Southern gardeners turn to the Yucca as the main piece of foliage in their backyards. The Yucca is extremely drought-tolerant plant out there. They are almost as desert-friendly as the cacti. Additionally, when in full bloom, the Yucca produces beautiful white flowers from its spiky leaves. This famous centerpiece is known for having overflowing foliage and flowers. Want to really make the Yucca stand out? Look for the unique blue Yucaa.

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