5 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Landscaping

Hannah Mitchell

March 1, 2022

5 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Landscaping

Complement your indoor cleaning with a spring landscape refresh so you feel great about your home inside and out. Not only will it make your home the most inviting place, but properly caring for your landscape ensures that it stays healthy and beautiful year after year.  

1. Take your spring cleaning outdoors.

Sprucing up your outdoor space starts with some good old-fashioned tidying. Start by pickup up around your yard. Clean up fallen branches, forgotten toys, or other things that are out of place. The next thing you'll want to do is check on hardscaping elements and water features. You can use a pressure washer, or a bleach solution and a scrub brush, to remove dirt and mildew. Just these simple clean-ups will make a big impact on how your yard looks.

Duck on a lawn

2. Invite wildlife.

Butterflies landing on a flower

Invite butterflies into your yard with flowers.[/caption]Birds, bees, and butterflies, oh my! If you want to enjoy the benefits of pollinators in your yard this spring, then think about how you can make your environment hospitable to them. Plants like Lantana, Rudbeckia, and Day Lily will attract butterflies. Hummingbirds love water! Consider adding a pond or other water feature to provide them with a cool spot in the spring and summer. Using native plants in your Gainesville landscape will ensure that you're a great host to pollinators of all kinds.

3. Add or repair hardscaping.

Look for places in your landscape that are bare. Maybe they're heavily-traveled, or it just isn't a sunny spot. Consider adding hardscaping to these areas to keep them from being unsightly, and to develop a safe and usable space. Gravel, landscape block, stone, or mulch can be used to create a nice path through your yard. If you have existing hardscaping, inspect those elements for pieces that are broken or out of place. Paths, walkways, and bed borders should be clean and in good repair.   More than being unsightly, loose or broken hardscaping can be a safety hazard.

It's the little things that can make a huge difference in how your landscape, and your home, look and feel.

4. Basic maintenance.

It isn't glamorous, but it's the little things that can make a huge difference in how your landscape, and your home, look and feel. Look for plants with problems that may have been exacerbated by the cool, dry winter. Have dead or diseased branches removed, check for rot or fungus, and repair patches of grass as needed. You should also trim overgrowth of hedges and ground-cover plants in beds. These simple fixes are the best way to protect the investment you've made in your professional landscaping.

Flower bed
Caring for your beds will ensure your lawn is looking its best.

5. Check your beds.

Plant beds are one of the most attractive elements of your landscape design. Keep them growing well and looking great by caring for them in the spring. Check the health of all the plants in the bed. Trim and prune depending on the needs of your specific plants. Check your mulch by picking it up and seeing how much it has deteriorated. If it falls apart easily in your hands, it's mostly decomposed, and you'll want to put down a fresh layer. If it has held its shape and there isn't any mildew or fungus, then it's safe to use another season.Once you've determined that your beds are in good shape, it's time to think about whether you'd like to add or remove any plants. A professional landscape designer will be able to help you maximize the space in your beds and select the appropriate plants for your yard so that you can have blooms throughout the year.Spring is an important time of year for your landscaping and home maintenance. Taking care to help your landscaping transition from winter to summer will enable you to keep your lawn and home looking their best.

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