August Plant of the Month: Angel's Trumpet

Hannah Mitchell

January 1, 1970

It's not hard to find a flower-producing plant that looks good year-round, but if you're particular about the way you're lawn looks Angel's Trumpet is an ideal candidate for your landscape design. That's why it is the plant of the month for August.  Angel's Trumpet is commonly known as Angel Star or the Tree Datura and it's a variation of the Brugmansia species.

Flowers vary from white, peach, pink, orange, and yellow colors- Giving you the perfect range of a color palette for your personal style. This tropical plant survives well in Florida climates and is perfect to plant along the walls of your home, deck, patio, or fence. Afternoon shade is preferred, so we recommend planting Angel's Trumpets along the walls of your home or sides of your deck. We do suggest exercising caution when choosing where to place Angel's Trumpet, as it can be toxic to people and animals if consumed.

Should you have outdoor pets that tend to chew on things, you may want to select a different flowering plant.  If you decide to get one of your own and notice wilting in the leaves or flowers, all you need to do is give the plant a shot of nutrients and monitor the watering.

In warmer climates, such as Florida, Angel's Trumpets will produce their show-stopping flowers year-round and leave your yard smelling just as divine as the name. The flowers bloom at night and no matter how many of them you have, they always bloom at the same time. It's like watching a perfectly organized orchestra in nature and it's always a captivating show.As a whole, Angel's Trumpet is both gorgeous and incredibly fragrant with sweet-smelling flowers.  

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