How to Prepare Your Yard for a Hurricane

Hannah Mitchell

August 27, 2018

Living in Gainesville, we all remember the excitement, hustle, and bustle that comes right before a major storm. Just last year, we saw people scramble to grocery stores and gas stations taking any precaution they could before they awaited Hurricane Irma's winds and rain.August through November are the busiest times of year for hurricanes to hit and like any other part of your home, your yard needs proper preparation before a major storm hits.Here are a few tips to make your yard ready for the worst in case we see another major storm hit this Fall.

Remove Container Plants and Patio Furniture

wooden lawn chairs arranged in a circle around a table

The first thing to consider when a hurricane is approaching is to remove items that could become projectiles in heavy winds. If your yard includes hanging plants, potted plants, or decorations, place them indoors or in a garage. You should also secure patio and outdoor furniture indoors to prevent them from damaging your home or cars.

Turn Off Irrigation Systems

Something often overlooked when making hurricane preparations is your irrigation system. You will be experiencing heavy rains that will give your yard much more water than it is accustomed too. Heavily saturated lawns will not be needing the extra water an irrigation system provides. You should physically turn off your system to prevent drowning your lawn and spreading disease to your other plants!

Prepare Trees and Shrubs

Trimming trees well in advance of storm season is a great practice. This will ensure that dead branches will not become airborne during a hurricane. You should make sure that all your trimming and pruning is done well in advance so that you won't have debris around when the storm hits. It will also lessen the impact on your local collection services that will be swamped before and after a hurricane makes landfall.With newly planted trees, remember to secure them to stakes with straps. The straps should be wrapped around the base of the tree. This will protect both your new plants and your home from damage!

wooden lawn chairs arranged in a circle around a table

Mow Your Lawn

Before a storm hits, be sure that your lawn is mowed. Your yard will experience high levels of rain and will be overgrown by the time the hurricane dissipates. You won't be able to mow for a little while, so it's best to prepare.Another reason you should mow before the storm arrives is to make it easy to remove debris after the storm passes. Shorter grasses makes it easier to spot debris and collect it.Don't have time to mow? Contact LawnMore today and we'll be happy to take care of your lawn, worry free!

Don't Fertilize

When a hurricane is approaching, you should not fertilize your lawn. Heavy rains cause an influx of water. If exposed to fertilizer, the stormwater can become contaminated and you risk contaminating your community's water supply.Many counties in Florida issue fertilizer restrictions when storm season approaches. Be aware of when you can fertilize, but if you are unsure if you can or can't, contact a landscape professional!

Clear Drains and Remove Debris

You should make sure that your drainage systems are free and clear of debris. You will rely on them to carry away stormwater

rain pouring out of white rain gutters on side of house

and if your drains aren't free, this could lead to flooding.As stated before, you should remove debris well before the storm is even named. This gives you more time to focus on gathering the essentials when a hurricane is approaching. In addition, you won't have to worry about disposing of this debris when other preparations need to be made.

Lawn Care and Maintenance with LawnMore

In all kinds of weather, LawnMore is here to help. We are here to create beautiful lawn and landscape designs, but we are also committed to maintaining and repairing your yard in the event of damage. Carrying out the proper preparations will save you from stress and ensure that your yard will be there even after a nasty hurricane.Whether a hurricane is approaching or it's moved through, contact LawnMore today to protect and maintain your yard during storm season!

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