Landscape Maintenance vs. Lawn Care: What to Focus On and When

Hannah Mitchell

July 25, 2018

Many people often use  "lawn care" and  "landscape maintenance" interchangeably. While both are required to maintain the appearance of your yard and surrounding external areas, there are different requirements of each. Meaning, you should focus on different aspects to get the most out of each.Not taking the required precautions to maintain and care for your lawn and landscape can lead to loss of plants, overgrowth, spread of disease or pests, and hard to manage trees and shrubs.There are some things that should be left to the professionals and some things that you may be ignoring for too long. Below, we outline the main things to focus on when it comes to landscape and lawn maintenance.

Landscape Maintenance

Unlike lawn care, landscaping involves the design and implementation of flowers, shrubs, and trees. Once your landscape is designed and finished, landscape maintenance is needed and includes all the practices that allow your landscape to flourish!

Here are three things to make sure are being taken care during landscape maintenance.

Man trimming hedges

Trimming & Pruning

One of the most important aspects of landscape maintenance involves trimming and pruning trees and shrubs that are incorporated in your landscape design. While many homeowners attempt to do this job themselves, we recommend hiring a professional, as balance is key. Heavy pruning damages the plant and could stunt its growth. Too little pruning causes your trees or plants to overgrow and crowd your other plants, causing grass and plants underneath them to die.Your large shrubs, bushes, and trees are cornerstones for your landscape design. Focusing on keeping them trimmed and healthy translates into a beautiful and long-lasting landscape. Pruning and trimming should occur when the plants are dormant and before the growing season. At the end of winter or early spring is a great time to do this!

Cleaning Walkways, Walls, and Patios

Your landscaping includes features such as walkways, walls, and patios. These areas should be free and clear of any debris. It's important to monitor how your plants are growing because they can grow outside of their desired space and block your walkways. If your landscape design doesn't call for plants or vines on walls, it's best to remove plants from these areas. You want your home to be beautiful and easily accessible!

Keep an Eye on Your Plants

Lawn irrigation system

This is the easiest of all the practices when maintaining a beautiful landscape. Your plants are tell-tale signs of how your landscape is doing. If one area seems to be lacking water, focus your irrigation efforts to balancing out the amount of water your landscape is getting. Depending on the weather, you may need to take extra precautions to keep some plants healthy! Planting for your region is a great way to prolong the life of your landscape. You can read about what plants are native to Florida in our blog post!

Lawn Care

Lawn care is everything involved with maintaining a beautiful and healthy yard. Your yard is one of the first things people notice about your home. It's functional too! Let your kids and pets enjoy your yard with proper lawn care.Once you've invested time and money into a beautiful landscape design inclusive of a healthy lawn, regular lawn care service is essential to protecting that investment. Diseases, pests, mold, and more can cause your yard to quickly deteriorate. With lawn maintenance, your yard stays protected. We recommend outsourcing regular maintenance to an experienced professional to ensure the health and longevity of your lawn.

Jonathan cleaning up grass trimmings

Mowing & Edging

Mowing your yard is a given, especially with the heavy rain Florida experiences most of the year. But, it's important to maintain a mowing routine to ensure that you aren't cutting your grass too short or having it too long! This is where a hired service can be of great value to busy homeowners. Lawn experts are scheduled, so you can be sure your yard is getting the attention it deserves on a regular basis.In addition to keeping your grass the correct length, edging is important to maintain the tough spots that a mower may not be able to reach. Edging along sidewalks, landscape beds, and driveways make your yard look that much better and helps the health of your lawn!

Look out for business that will deliver a comprehensive service that goes beyond just cutting the grass like LawnMore - a Gainesville lawn landscaping company, or Edge Cut - a Cambridge based landscaping & gardening business over in the UK.


Weeding is essential to stopping these invasive plants from taking over your yard. Regular weeding decreases the spread of unwanted plants and prevents damage to your grass and trees. It's important to get rid of these weeds as quickly as possible because their seeds can find their way back into the ground, even after removing them from your yard!


Finally, like trimming and pruning, there is a sweet spot for applying fertilizer. Too much or too little can affect the health of your yard and do a lot more harm than good. We've seen many customers come to us with dead lawns from over fertilization. We highly recommend hiring a professional for this job to ensure proper use. Here in Florida, you should only fertilize your lawn when it's actively growing. For North Central Florida, the best time to fertilize is in March!

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