What Plants Should I Have in My North Central Florida Home?

Hannah Mitchell

June 28, 2018

Florida has many different climates and soils, so when it comes to landscaping, don't take the  "one-size-fits-all" approach. It's important to consider soil, light, water, and climate conditions in your region to give your plants the best chance. North Central Florida is known for its hot and wet summers, mild to cool winters, and a rainy season lasting from May until October. This type of climate can be also be found in eastern Australia, Northern India, and South China!

Florida Friendly Yards

What does it mean to be a Florida-Friendly yard? Essentially, you are taking steps to create a beautiful landscape with Florida's future in mind. Using native plants, efficiently using water, recycling, being smart about fertilizer and pests, as well as attracting the correct kind of wildlife are just some ways to protect our beautiful state and create the landscape of your dreams! You can see all the principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping from University of Florida.

North Central Florida Plants

To give your North Central Florida yard the best chance of thriving and growing, pick plants that are native to this region!


Bulbs are a classification of plants that utilize an underground storage system. They are typically flowering plants. If you are looking to add bulbs to your yard, stick to plants such as the African Lily, Caladiums, Agapanthus, Crinum Bulbs, Dahlias and Cannus.


[caption id="attachment_880" align="alignleft" width="300"]

live oak trees and palm trees at Cross Creek house near Micanopy Florida

Thriving Trees and Palms at Historic Cross Creek[/caption]Trees are an essential part of your yard. These strong and towering structures provide shade and a focal point of your landscape. Some trees that thrive in North Central Florida are Sabal Palm, Palmetto, Live Oak, Bald Cypress, and Red Maple.


Perennials are a great option for your yard because they regrow from the root each year. They require less maintenance and are reliable. Consider the Autumn Fern, Black-Eyed Susan, Rosemary, and the Zeezee Plant when shopping for North Central Florida perennials!


Flowering plants are great for aesthetic value in your yard. Swamp Milkwood, Cardinal Flowers, Silkgrass, Florida Greeneyes, Golden Canna and Blue Sage are great flowers to give your landscape color and personality!

Butterfly Loving Plants

Butterfly on lantana in Gainesville butterfly garden

North Central Florida is known for its abundance of butterflies. If you want to have your own butterfly garden, consider planting some of these plants to attract butterflies:

  • Lantana
  • Blazing-Star
  • Firebrush
  • Snow Squarestem
  • Purple Coneflower
  • Milkweed
  • Purple Passionflower
  • Cut-Leaf Coneflower
  • Rudbeckia
  • Water Hyssop

Why You Should Plant Native Plants

Native plants not only promote a Florida-Friendly Yard, but they also create a more efficient landscape. These plants are designed to grow and thrive in North Central Florida, so they require less maintenance. This leads to less money coming out of your pocket to maintain them!It's important to know the difference between native plants and non-native, or exotic, plants. While not all non-native plants are bad, there are invasive species that threaten the health and safety of not only your yard, but the ecosystem. Some negatives of planting exotic plants are:

  • Biodiversity is threatened
  • Native plants can be overtaken and eliminated
  • Activities can be diminished if area is overwhelmed by invasive plants
  • It takes more money to maintain or control non-native plants

Landscape Design with LawnMore

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