Do I Need a Lawn Maintenance Service? 5 Reasons Why You Do!

Hannah Mitchell

March 1, 2016

Making the decision to hire a lawn maintenance service can be very difficult. Whether you are looking to hire a professional service for the first time or are switching providers, there are a few questions that you need to answer before beginning the search. Addressing these questions will guarantee that you receive the highest quality treatment and results for your lawn.

Do you have all of the equipment required?

While many homeowners consider themselves capable enough to complete lawn maintenance on their own, the major issue boils down to equipment. When it comes to maintaining a lawn there are many necessary tools involved that homeowners don't always think to own. In addition to the usual lawn mower and edger, homeowners should have access to multiple styles of rakes, shears, aerators, spreaders, trowels, lawn rollers, and more! Acquiring these items on your own can become incredibly pricey and take up unnecessary amounts of space in your garage or toolshed.It is important to address whether you own the correct tools in order to maintain your lawn, or if you intend to obtain them in the future. One major benefit of hiring a lawn maintenance service is that they will always have access to all of the required equipment, as well as the training required to operate them efficiently.

Do you have enough time?

Lawn maintenance is not a one-time or once-every-couple-weeks type of project. It is a process that takes time to achieve and requires continuous, frequent upkeep. Depending on the time of year, a lawn may need to be mowed every 3-5 days! Postponing tasks such as mowing, edging, fertilizing, and trimming can cause loss of any progress made in your lawn thus far, and even potentially cause further damage. Basically, "I'll just do it next week" doesn't cut it when it comes to lawn maintenance.If you are someone who often gets too busy with work or social life and don't think you will be able to consistently make time for your yard each week, then you should seriously consider hiring a lawn maintenance service. Having a trustworthy team will ensure that you can spend your free time relaxing and doing things that you love, rather than tending to your lawn. There will be no need to stress if you are going away for a trip or are unusually busy, as you know that your lawn is in good hands!

Do you have the appropriate training?

While lawn maintenance may seem like a fairly simple activity, it can actually be quite intricate. The average, untrained homeowner can effectively operate a lawn mower and edger, but they may not know the optimal times, heights, and patterns with which they should go about the activity. They also are likely unaware of how and when to use the more complex tools such as aerators, spreaders, and trowels. An untrained person will be able to make their lawn look good, but likely not great.If you feel as if you do not have the required knowledge and training in order to complete incredible lawn maintenance, then it is in your best interest to hire a lawn maintenance service. You will be satisfied with the team of professionals that have been trained and are experienced in making your lawn the healthiest it has ever been. They will use complex tools and techniques that will increase the life and look of any yard!

What is special about your yard?

While lawn maintenance techniques tend to be universal and apply to a majority of lawns, every yard is

different! Factors such as pets, ornaments, décor, and complex landscaping can cause difficulties to arise in lawn maintenance. These unique determinants can change the way that your specific lawn maintenance should be approached, altering the suggested times, equipment, and processes.If your lawn has one or more of these factors, it may be difficult to appropriately complete lawn maintenance without expertise and training in those areas. Also, if you are planning to add any of these factors to your lawn in the future, it may be necessary to completely change your maintenance schedule and approach. Hiring a lawn maintenance service would ensure that no matter the complexity of your yard, you can rest easy knowing that it is being cared for by professionals who know exactly how to handle each difficult factor.

What is the current condition of your lawn?

One more extremely important factor to consider is the current condition of your lawn, and how far it is from where you would like it to be. Are there dry patches you aren't able to fix? Weeds overrunning your bushes? Is your lawn simply good or would you prefer that it be amazing? Lawn maintenance completed by homeowners is often adequate enough, but the improvement is very clear when they switch to a professional service!If your lawn is currently below the level where you'd like it to be, then it may require a lot of detailed attention in order to get it back in shape. An experienced and trained lawn maintenance service is the best option for those who want to see a change in the appearance of their lawn. The professionals will work to make the lawn healthier from the roots, which will improve the overall presentation of every yard!

So, do you need a lawn maintenance service?

After addressing these five factors, you should be able to answer the question as to whether or not to hire a professional lawn maintenance service.If you find that you are interested in learning more about lawn maintenance services in Gainesville, FL, contact LawnMore today!

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