Plant of the Month: Swamp Mallow

Hannah Mitchell

August 27, 2020

Plant of the Month: Swamp Mallow

Swamp mallow, or hibiscus moscheutos, also called rose mallow, is the perfect plant for summer Gainesville landscaping. This perennial is sturdy and grows 5-7 feet tall. It has ovate leaves and short, flowering stalks, each of which blooms with its own flower come mid-summer. These oversized, exotic flowers come in vibrant colors. Generally, the plant will have pink or white petals, with a crimson or reddish-purple base.

Swamp mallow blooms throughout the summer and into the beginning of fall. It prefers full sun, though it can tolerate only partial sun, and it grows best in wet or moist soil. The sunny but humid Gainesville climate is fantastic for this plant, and it grows abundantly in our state. Swamp mallow gets scraggly and weakened in the shade, making it ideal instead for sunny Florida landscape design.When caring for swamp mallow, be sure to allow at least 36 inches of growing space between plants, so as not to crowd them and inhibit circulation or cause disease. This hardy plant is low maintenance, but benefits from soil enrichment such as compost or fertilizer. It's also vital to water the plant regularly when it is first growing, and whenever it shows signs of wilting.With its sun-and-moisture-loving nature, what better place is there for swamp mallow than The Swamp itself? Contact the friendly professionals at LawnMore to find out if this plant could be a wonderful, low maintenance addition to your Gainesville landscape. You can also find out about other sun-loving plants here.

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