Why You Need to Invest in Landscape Edging

Hannah Mitchell

June 1, 2016

You've mowed, weeded, and raked - but you're not finished yet! No matter how perfectly you care for your lawn, it will inevitably end up looking messy again if you don't invest in landscape edging. The small strip of grass that lines your yard is just as important as the large area of grass and plants behind it!

When it comes to edging your lawn, it is worthwhile to invest in high quality tools and materials. Everyday garden-variety lawnmowers aren't precise enough to reach the small areas around your mailbox, light poles and trees. Instead, it is important to learn how to properly use a high-quality lawn edger, or hire a professional to complete the landscape edging for you.

Landscape edging is a cheap and easy way to make sure that your lawn remains sharp and attractive for longer. Nice, sharp edges instantly improve the overall look of any lawn, yard, or garden. These defined borders can be created using bricks, stones, and many other materials - don't be afraid to get creative! These edges are meant to create the perfect balance between decoration and functionality. The goal of landscape edging is to improve the look of your lawn, and make it easier to maintain.

When choosing an edging material, you first must complete a fair amount of research. Be sure to consider the material's price, durability, how well it fits with your existing landscape design, and how easy it will be to install and maintain. Some of our favorite landscape edging materials include:

  • Natural Stone
  • Plastic
  • Gravel
  • Metal
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Brick
  • Wood

When designing your landscape edging, remember that the lines don't necessarily need to be straight and square. Feel free to experiment and get creative with curved borders if that fits your landscape.

All in all, landscape edging is an incredibly worthwhile investment for your lawn, and is something that we would almost consider necessary! It is the perfect way to ensure that your lawn stays sharp and well-maintained for long periods of time. Edging is a relatively inexpensive way to majorly improve the look and ease of any landscape.

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