5 Tips for Planning a Landscape Redesign

Hannah Mitchell

January 22, 2018

For many people, a new year calls for changes in our wardrobe, lifestyle, and environment. If it's time to make some changes in your outdoor space, LawnMore of Gainesville is here to provide you with the best tips on where to start. Below are our top 5 tips for planning your landscape redesign!

Hardscape First

Hardscaping (sidewalk, fencing, patios, etc.) can act as the bones of your landscape redesign. You'll want to start with these elements as the foundation and fill in later with plants and other decor.Some great ideas for hardscaping in your redesigned outdoor space are:

  • Split-level Patios. The perfect solution for yards on a slope. Add a multi-level patio to best utilize your outdoor space for entertaining family and friends.
  • Pavers. Do you love the look of natural stone but want to ensure maximum functionality? Stone pavers are the perfect option that will be sure to bring a unique design element to your yard that will also last longer than traditional asphalt driveways and gravel walkways.
  • Outdoor Kitchens and Dining. If you have the space, setting up an outdoorkitchen and dining area is a great way to allow your inside space to flow right out to your backyard. This can be the perfect element when it comes to hosting all your family and friends.
  • Water Features. Water features are a great focal point for any yard and allow homeowners to relax at the end of a busy day. With so many different options, you'll be sure to find the perfect water feature to complement your outdoor space!

Accent Your House

When it comes to modern landscaping, less can be more. Unless you're truly trying to distract visitors' eyes away from your home, you don't want your outdoor space to overshadow the curb appeal of your house itself. When you're planning your landscape redesign be mindful of how the elements you choose can complement your home. The best designs are those that highlight the architectural beauty of your house rather than hiding the existence of it behind a forest of foliage.

Incorporate Curves

Curves are a great element to keep your yard interesting and make spaces work that might otherwise be unusable. Adding curvature in your landscape provides design flexibility and can even make your yard appear larger.A great opportunity for curves comes when installing a retaining wall. Whether your yard is on a slope or you're just trying to create dimensions within your landscape, a curved retaining wall offers flowing lines and an image of design expertise that is often overlooked with a straight and narrow wall.

Find a Focal Point and Stick With It

When you begin plans for your landscape redesign, it's important that you pick one element to be your focal point throughout the entire process. It can be your favorite characteristic of your home or yard or maybe just the one that's most noticeable. Either way, use it to your advantage and choose elements around it that can highlight its beauty and add curb appeal to your redesigned yard.

Choose the Right Plants

If you're planning a landscape redesign, you're probably hoping for a new and refreshed look for your outdoor space. A nice and easy way to revamp your landscape's style is by planting new foliage around your yard. Whether you pick bright blooms or trimmed up shrubs, there are countless options to make the space all your own!Before you pick what to plant, though, you'll want to be sure to consider the climate and the affect it may have on growth. Here in North Central Florida, you'll want to choose plants that can thrive through our hot, humid summers and mild, wet winters. If you need help sorting through what plants will suit your yard best, click here for some great suggestions!

Let LawnMore of Gainesville Help Plan Your Landscape Redesign

From landscape maintenance to full-fledged redesigns, here at LawnMore of Gainesville we pride ourselves on creating outstanding and professional landscaping. We know what it takes to ensure you get the yard of your dreams, and we will be sure your voice is heard and appreciated when using our services.Our landscape design process includes a holistic design, 3D rendering, and complete installation. If you're interested in giving your outdoor space some TLC, or you're looking for a complete redesign, let LawnMore of Gainesville help you each step of the way. Give us a call today!

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