4 Steps to Stunning Landscape Design

Hannah Mitchell

October 28, 2020

4 Steps to Stunning Landscape Design

Landscape design can seem challenging and complicated, but with four simple steps to map out the process, your perfect Gainesville landscape is within reach! Start by planning, then designing, building and installing, and finally maintaining your landscape so it thrives for years to come.  

Professional landscape designer, Denise weber pointing at flowers in a gainesville landscape

Landscape Design Plan

Planning your landscape design is vital to the process. Jumping straight into designing your new landscape without understanding your yard can be detrimental. It's important to know what features and plants will work best in your lawn, so they can grow and thrive. It's also helpful to understand how to best utilize your yard so it is aesthetically pleasing, and how to cater to your own future use of your yard. You can also simplify your experience with the help of expert designers, like the landscape contractors at LawnMore in Gainesville, Florida, who can apply their knowledge of plants to your specific likes and dislikes. This guides you to finding plants you love that also work well in your yard.  

Landscape Design

rendering of professional landscape design with art supplies

Landscape design is lots of fun, but it's also tricky. If you're designing your own landscape, that may involve creating plans and a layout of your yard, and drawing up your designs. This is time-consuming, and it's often hard to get a feel for your landscape on paper. Turning to expert designers who use 3D software can help you see a realistic rendering of what your design will look like. Either way, it's important to think about what themes you want in your landscape design, and how the plants you want to use will grow over time. This can help you highlight important elements of your yard, and the nature of the plants themselves is vital to your landscape's visual appeal, so it's important to keep in mind proportions and positioning. In this step, you're deciding how to best arrange the plants you've decided to use, within the landscape you have.

Build/Install Landscaping

It's amazing to see the plants you picked out going into the ground and the features you arranged being installed! Making a landscape design come to life takes hard work and a keen eye, so if you want to enlist professional help, landscape installation is offered by many landscaping companies, including LawnMore. We work with the best nursery suppliers, and our in-house expert on Florida native plants, to ensure what is planted in your yard will thrive!

Lawn Maintenance

Keeping up your plants after they've settled into their new homes is crucial to a thriving landscape design. Be sure your plants are getting all the water, sunlight, and fertilizer that they need.

landscape maintenance worker with weed eater in green lawn

Maintain any structures or features you've installed and built, ensuring they function properly and are stable in your landscaping.  

LawnMore specializes in professional landscape design!

Our experienced landscape designers are happy to help you transform your yard through our landscape design process. We'll help you plan out your design and decide what plants and features to use, present the design to you with 3D technology, install your landscaping, and give you tips and advice on maintenance, so your Gainesville landscape design stays healthy and beautiful.

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