5 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Yard for the Holidays

Hannah Mitchell

November 9, 2020

With the holidays here, it's time to spruce up, declutter, and create a beautiful space through landscaping. Whether you're welcoming friends and family into your home, or just enjoying the view out your own window, having a beautiful yard to enjoy adds joy to the season. This year, create a cozy and bright atmosphere with these simple tips.

Pruning and Weeding

Before adding beautiful things, take away the not-so-nice ones. Start with a clean slate by removing any debris, pulling your weeds, pruning overgrown trees and hedges, and putting away old furniture or accessories that aren't appealing for your yard. Relocate play equipment or other additional things, and give yourself room to revamp your landscape.    

Hardscaped walk way with river rocks and pavers in beautiful landscaping

Touch up your yard walkway

Give you and your guests a wonderful path from the curb to the front door by revamping your front yard walkway. Removing weeds, fixing cracks, and fixing loose pavers are all easy ways to refresh your walkway. Cracks and dents can be filled with flexible sealant filling, and replacing dirt under a loose paver can help re-stabilize it. If you don't already have a walkway and want to invest in a DIY project, there are multitudes of creative options for making your own walkway, using materials such as stones, pebbles, plants, and more. In fact, even if you don't renovate, plants are a great border for existing walkways in your yard. There are so many ways to make your front yard landscaping increase curb appeal and create an inviting atmosphere.

Throw in some planters

Don't have time to grow a garden? Try adding planters to your landscape instead. Scatter potted plants around your front porch/entryway and back porch, use window box plants in holiday varieties, and feature hanging planters with colorful seasonal flowers. Adding some fragrant flowers, especially around or near a highly-trafficked area, provides natural, intoxicating scents from beautiful plants. The power of planters doesn't have to stop after the holidays, however, You can keep this tradition going by swapping out your flowers as the seasons change.

Light it up

String lights, lanterns, and pathway lights are all beautiful illuminators to enhance your yard. Border your back porch with string lights, and stretch them over any outdoor dining space or patio. Wrap lights around trees in your yard, or just use a tree branch as a base/support for your lights. Use lanterns or other pathway lights along your walkway, and add matching lights to the front porch or entryway. If you have a patch of dense plants or bushes, you can even drape string lights over them, and you can use spotlights to focus on specific plants or elements of your yard.  

Maintain Regular Lawn Maintenance

Regular lawn maintenance and attendance to your yard shouldn't stop just because of the season. Preserve a pristine yard by watering planters, blowing off the walkway, raking leaves, mowing the grass, and removing weeds. If you're too busy to keep up amidst the hustle and bustle, contact the friendly landscapers at LawnMore today for your lawn service needs.  Looking to take your yard a step further than a simple spruce up? Want to reimagine the possibilities of your Gainesville landscape? This holiday season, give yourself the gift of designing your dream landscape with LawnMore.  

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