Front Yard Landscaping

Hannah Mitchell

November 1, 2016

Now that the grass no longer needs cutting each week and watering each day, it's time to turn your attention to an equally important part of your lawn: your landscaping. While the back yard offers comfort and privacy, focusing on front yard landscaping helps improve your home's curb appeal. Check out our ideas for improving your front yard landscaping.

Install Paving Stones

If a certain area of your yard sees frequent traffic, consider installing paving stones or laying down slate.Frequent traffic can wear down grass and make the path look worn. Additionally, rain causes worn down areas to become muddy, making it   unpleasant for your guests to walk on. Paving stones or slate will help keep grass healthy and prevent guests from getting muddy.As a bonus, paved walkways help break up the monotony of large grassy lawns and require less maintenance than adding plants. If you live in a drought-prone area, increasing the amount of "hardscaping" in your front yard landscaping saves water.

Emphasize Your Path

If you already have paving stones installed or you've decided to install them soon, consider lining your pathway with bushes, hedges, or tall plants.Not only does this visually define the walkway, but it also helps people stay on the  path. A pathway lined with bushes, hedges, or tall plants screams "walk here!"Building on the walkway, plants break up a large, grassy lawn.

Entertain Your Guests

The back yard isn't the only place to entertain. In lieu of a front porch, create a front patio.While back yards are intimate, front yards give you a view of the neighborhood. Just watching the cars go by can be relaxing, and it's fun for you and for guests to see what's going on.Like the pavers or slate, a front yard patio cuts down on grass, which is great for drought-prone areas (or people who get tired of mowing!).

Take Advantage of Hillsides

We all know hillsides are frustrating to maintain and come with a constant fear of flipping the lawnmower. Get rid of the worry by planting flowers on your hillside.The angle of the hill makes the actual flowers of a plant more visible, and flowers rising with the slope of a hill give your front yard landscaping a very elegant feel.For more front yard landscaping ideas or to enlist help with your lawn, contact LawnMore.

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