Plant of the Month: White Fountain Grass

Hannah Mitchell

July 1, 2021

White fountain grass is a beautiful perennial to add to your Gainesville landscape this summer! This grass loves warm weather, and tolerates all kinds of conditions once established. Hardy and low maintenance, white fountain grass thrives in zones 6-9, making it perfect for Florida landscaping. This plant is reliable and unproblematic, while also beautiful and flowing in appearance.  With slender green foliage and delicate white flowers, this beautiful grass has cascading leaves which create a fountain-like appearance. These leaves are narrow and curved, and the foot-long inflorescence of fountain grass sits on a hollow, 3-foot long flower stalk.

When the foliage itself turns white, instead of just the flowers, this means the plant is nearing the end of its season as cold temperatures arrive. However, it can still be enjoyed all summer, with blooms until the fall. This plant grows 4-6 feet tall and spreads up to 4 feet. It grows quickly, thriving in full sun.  

White fountain grass in the sunshine

White fountain grass can be planted year round, and is fairly resistant to pests and disease. While it may encounter occasional rust fungus, or become a snack for slugs and snails, it's a hardy plant with few problems. However, this does mean it can be mildly invasive if planted near untouched natural spaces. This is due to a high production from the seed heads, so cutting off the inflorescences before they produce seeds should help stifle this. White fountain grass is extremely adaptable, tolerates all kinds of soils, and can even tolerate partial shade. Make sure your soil is well-drained, and never overwater, as this can cause root rot and disease. Keep this grass moist when establishing it, but once established, it's fairly drought resistant. If you see wilting or discoloration, check your soil's moisture and soak the plants if necessary, but make sure not to overwater or create a soggy, wet environment for your white fountain grass.

When it comes to fertilization, fountain grasses don't need much. Mild, organic plant food can be used annually in the spring, but for more specific tips and guidance on fertilization, talk to the friendly professionals at LawnMore.  One of this plant's best features is its adaptability. Whether it's lining a screened-in pool, used as an accent, planted in a container, or bordering a house, white fountain grass is a beautiful and versatile option. It can provide privacy, add grace and movement to your yard, or create contrast and texture. As a container plant, it can bring life to your porch, windows, or patio. As a   landscaping accent, it can be used to enhance curb appeal with its showy flowers and fine-textured foliage. When mass planted, it can bring a soft, natural, and wild aesthetic to your yard.  

White grass at dusk

No matter how you want to utilize white fountain grass, it's a beautiful plant, and wonderful for Florida weather! Contact your friends at LawnMore for more information on how this grass would work best in your yard.  

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