Outdoor Seating Ideas for Small Spaces

Kate Mitchell

August 24, 2023

Most of us here at LawnMore enjoy spending time outdoors - and we bet the same applies to you too! It's fun to gather with friends or family and watch the world go by as you chat or share a meal together. If you have a large patio, you have a wide variety of seating options and furniture layouts for outdoor living.

But even if you only have a small space for outdoor seating, you can still make the most of it. Here are some fun suggestions for outdoor furniture to maximize your backyard space.


White-painted stone bench with blankets and cushions

Outdoor benches are an excellent way to take advantage of the space you do have for outdoor seating because they can usually seat several people. If your deck or patio is at the planning stage, you could even consider a built-in bench running all the way along the edge.

There are some free plans for this on Home Stratosphere if you feel like a DIY project. There's even a plan for a storage bench - you could use one of these to tuck away cushions and blankets, kids' toys, gardening equipment or anything else you want easy access to outdoors.

Yard with picnic tables that have built-in benches

There's also a wide range of benches available to buy - from outdoor loveseats to picnic tables with built-in benches. Don't forget to check local selling sites and thrift stores first - you may score a bargain!


Two people sitting sideways in a hammock

Hammocks and hanging chairs are an ideal seating solution for small outdoor spaces. They are available in a range of bold colors and patterns, providing an easy way to add a pop of color or tie things together to create a cohesive design in your backyard. And best of all, they don't even need to be on the patio at all!

If you don't have suitable trees to hang a hammock you can always use a stand. Because they are easy to move around and don't need to be placed on a hard surface, hammocks provide great flexibility. You can even move your seating with the shade if you want to keep out of the sun!

Additional Seating

It would be a shame to let the amount of available seating hold you back in terms of hospitality. If you want to be able to host a crowd from time to time, there are a few options you could consider for extra seating that you can bring out when needed and store away neatly after everybody has left.

Four metal and wicker chairs around a matching table

Stackable chairs are an obvious option for this. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles to suit everybody's backyard design ideas! 

Another suggestion for additional seating is folding chairs or camping chairs. These are easy to store in a shed or garage when not in use - and of course you can take them along if you're heading to an outdoor event or going for a picnic. Travel and Leisure has some recommendations for the best camping chairs to invest in.

Three folding deck chairs


Of course, furnishing your outdoor space is not just about comfy seating. You'll also need to think about tables, especially if you're planning to share a meal outdoors.

A small end table will help to maximize your precious space whilst still having somewhere for guests to place their cup of coffee (or glass of wine). If you want to go DIY, you could brighten up an old bench or stool with a fresh coat of paint and repurpose it as an outdoor table. 

A tall table with stools overlooking the yard

Another option is to go for a bar-height table. These tend to take up less square footage than a dining table but can still be large enough for a few people to share a meal. If you choose a bar table, stools can be tucked underneath when not in use - ideal for maximizing space on a petite patio.

If you don't like the idea of a bar table for your outdoor dining, you might consider a bistro table instead. These small tables are named for the bistros or small restaurants you might find lining the streets of Paris. This is a furniture choice that's bound to add some class and charm to your backyard living space without compromising on floor space.

We hope you found some inspiration for compact patio furniture that will suit your backyard circumstances. Check out our recent article for more patio ideas, including tips on how to build your own!

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