Plant Picks: Regina Iris

Kate Mitchell

October 10, 2023

Regina Iris, with its large purple flowers and brilliant jade foliage, is a visual treat for any outdoor space. A native of Brazil - in fact, another name is Brazilian Iris - Regina Iris is well-suited to the climate and soil conditions of North Central Florida. It's hardy in Zones 8-11 and once established requires little maintenance. In short, it's an excellent choice for any garden!

An intricate purple-blue flower against a dark background

Recognizable because of their distinctive flowers, Irises, with their wide, blue-purple petals, are a beautiful plant choice for gardens and patios. The center petals have distinctive black and white stripes, with spots of maroon close to the inside of the flower. The rippled edges of the petals bring texture as well as color to your landscape.

Regina Iris stems grow up to 3-4 feet tall. When planted alongside shorter border plants as well as larger shrubs, this creates an interesting height variety for a border or patio garden. Even outside the blooming season, this plant's upright foliage will remain jade green, adding visual interest throughout the year.

A purple and yellow flower with large petals

As always, we recommend plants that are low-maintenance and can stand up to the climate here in North Central Florida. Regina Iris passes the test! It's sturdy enough to weather any hard freezes we may get in the winter, but as a plant native to Brazil, it is also capable of handling the heat of a Florida summer. This variety of Iris is also drought-tolerant, so it won't require excessive watering during drier seasons.

Irises are a great choice for people with allergies and those sensitive to heavy fragrances. Their pollen is heavy and is located deep inside of the flowers, protected by the large petals. This makes them a safe choice for even the most sensitive allergy sufferers. WebMD has more information and suggestions here! Iris blooms are very lightly scented, making them nearly impossible to smell at even a short distance. If you omit flowers from your landscape to avoid seasonal suffering, Irises can give you gorgeous color without increasing your pollen count.

A beautiful purple flower against a green background

Regina Iris blooms from February through August. Although each of its delicate flowers lasts only a few days, this perennial plant will flower many times during the blooming period, giving gardeners a long-lasting display.

Also known as Giant Apostle Iris, Iris Regina should be planted between July and September. It thrives in anything from full sun to partial shade. This beautiful plant is tolerant of a wide range of conditions. It is somewhat salt tolerant and, once established, drought resistant. Regina Iris prefers well-drained, sandy soil - making it an excellent choice for North Central Florida yards.

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