Landscaping on a Budget: Simple Ways to Improve the Average Garden

Hannah Mitchell

April 20, 2016

It's already difficult enough to plan a garden - let alone plan one on a budget! Working on landscaping on a budget is definitely going to take longer than a week or two. You'll need to search around and shop smart, but we promise it's worth it in the end! Continue reading for some tips on how to create the perfect garden in Gainesville without breaking your budget!

1. DIY Decor!

One of the best ways to get exactly the look you desire is by creating your own decorations! Do-It-Yourself projects are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. There are hundreds of DIY project instructions that you can find online, but don't be afraid to create your own! Creative projects give your garden personality at an incredibly low cost, and they are often fun for the whole family! Checkout this article for a ton of specific ideas that can give you inspiration.

2. Get Creative at Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are notorious for being the holy grail of cheap yet interesting items. We suggest you take a look around your local thrift shop, completely unbiased and without any plan in mind. Simply look around for an item or piece of furniture that strikes your fancy. Interesting pieces from thrift stores will give your garden instant story and life without much effort or expenses.

3. Choose an Inspiration Piece

An inspiration piece is one of the most important aspects of every garden, and it is not something you should skimp out on. While it is of course still important to keep your budget in mind, don't forget that the inspiration piece sets the mood and scheme of your entire lawn. By purchasing a solid inspiration piece, even at a slightly higher price, it will be easier to go "cheaper" on the rest of your items, as the center-piece will still tie them all together.

4. Repurpose

Another fun way to spice up your garden at a discount price is to repurpose old items. Things like cinder blocks, wood, old toys, and interesting pots are all fun items that can be used in ways other than their originally intended use. Cinder blocks and buckets can be turned into flower pots. Old toys can also become small holders for air plants. Finding old items to repurpose can be cheap or even free - and these interesting items are always a fun favorite among guests!

5. Use Color

Our last suggestion for improving your garden on a budget is to use color. Taking an old, plain pot and simply painting it a bright and exciting color is an instant way to make your garden seem more fun and interesting. Seeing as the only supplies you need are paint and a pint brush, adding color to your lawn is one of the easiest ways to create new dimensions. Get creative and use contrasting hues, or create a cohesive feel by painting accent pieces in the same color! The options are endless when using paint, and it is easy to switch things up if you ever get bored with the current color pattern.

These five steps are only the beginning of your landscaping adventure. The best way to upgrade your garden on a budget is by being creative and innovative with items you already have. Rearrange, repurpose, and paint in order to create an instantly improved garden. We want you to love being outside in your yard! Call us for help at (352) 870-4304! LawnMore is your Gainesville landscaping company.

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