How to Plant a Window Box in Florida

Kate Mitchell

June 8, 2023

Window boxes are a great way to add curb appeal to your home. If you're not confident about growing things, they're an easy way to get started. On the other hand, if you already have a beautifully landscaped outdoor space, some bright blooms under the window can add charm and a splash of color to your house. There are so many different styles of window box and options for plants to grow that you're bound to find something that will suit your aesthetic!

A window with green shutters and a window box full of white flowers and green leaves

Choosing a Container

The first step is to choose a suitable container. There's a wide variety of window boxes readily available to be delivered to your home, or to pick from at a garden center. Or if you like making things, you could create your own planter. Southern Crush at Home has some great tips and a tutorial here if you would like to build your own window box.

Sun Exposure

It's a good idea to consider the location of your window box before you get started. There's a wide range of drought-tolerant plants that are suited to the hot weather in Florida. If you plan to adorn a south-facing window, you need to choose plants that can cope with a day of full sun. On the other hand, if you've picked a shady spot, plants that thrive in shade will be a better choice.

A leafy green window box with a single trailing tendril

Getting Started with your Window Box

It's very important to ensure that your container has holes in the bottom to give the soil chance to drain. Otherwise, you may encounter root rot and other problems. At the bottom of your window box, add a layer of gravel to help with drainage.

On top of this you can place a layer of landscape fabric to keep the soil in place. Then, fill halfway with potting soil.

Now you are ready to add your plants. This is where you can really let your creativity shine - there are so many options! Try adding different types of plants for variety. A window box looks beautiful when it contains blooms in vibrant colors, winter grasses or other taller plants, and trailing vines spilling over the edge.

Beautiful Window Box Flowers

A colorful window box on a stone windowsill

Lantana, with its bushy profusion of green leaves punctuated by colorful flowers that bloom most of the year round, is a great choice for a Florida window box. Zinnia, too, loves the Florida sun and has a range of flower colors to choose from.

Persian shield will certainly help create a stunning window box - even its fascinating leaves add vivid colors.

Desert daisy is another excellent choice for spring and summertime blooms, with its white and yellow flowers

Grasses and Tall Plants for Window Boxes

A window box with pink, purple and white flowers

Salvia, with its tall spikes of pink, red or purple flowers, can help to create a spectacular window box with layers of plants at different heights. Most salvia prefers lots of sunlight, although some varieties can tolerate part shade.

Herbs can be an excellent choice for adding height to a window box design. Leaves in a range of shades add interest and the herbs themselves give a pleasant aroma. If your container is on a kitchen window sill it's easy to harvest them for use in cooking as well! Basil, oregano, chives and thyme are some suitable options, but go for whatever you would like to use in cooking.

Climbers and Vines for Window Box Planting

Trailing verbena is sure to look charming cascading over the side of your gorgeous window box. Its white, red, pink or purple flowers bloom most of the year and verbena works well in Florida as it needs plenty of sun.

The round green leaves of creeping jenny are certainly window box worthy, trailing down the front of your container to add a pop of lime. This little plant will also bring you beautiful flowers for some additional spring color.

Another option for that trailing leaves look is sweet potato vine. This plant has leaves of various shapes and colors to add charm to your window box design.

Have fun selecting the plants you want to use, and enjoy creating an impactful window box that will bring joy to you and your visitors all year round!

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