The 9 Most Fragrant Flowers for your Garden

Kate Mitchell

July 17, 2023

A well-planned and maintained landscape will ensure that you see beauty and harmony whenever you step into your backyard, no matter the time of year. But have you thought about including the other senses as well?

When planning your garden, it's worth thinking about which fragrant plants you could use near decking or garden seating to ensure you'll have pleasant scents to enjoy as you spend time outdoors.

Here are our top nine suggestions for aromatic blooms to enhance your Florida backyard.


A large pink flower stands out from dark green foliage

Camellia's large, attractive flowers come in a range of colors and sizes. But did you know that this popular bloom can also have a pleasant fragrance? Not all varieties of camellia have a strong scent, but some will add a sweet smell to your patio or garden. This post has more information on which varieties to choose for their scent. Camellias like part sun. In hot climates, they can bloom early in the season, with flowers even sometimes appearing during the winter months.


A climbing vine adorned with lots of tiny white flowers

Jasmine, even among blossoms known for their sweet scents, stands out as an example of a plant with a wonderful fragrance. A climbing vine, jasmine likes plenty of sun. There are several varieties that are suited to warm climates, including star jasmine and confederate jasmine. There are even some types of jasmine that can bloom all year round in Central Florida!

Sweet Olive

Little buttery-yellow flowers on a leafy shrub

The sweet olive, with its clusters of delicate flowers, is a shrub reminiscent of lilacs. Lilac itself does not do well in South Florida's hot summers, but sweet olive is an excellent alternative for gardeners looking to replicate its clusters of fragrant blooms. Sweet olive needs well-drained soil and prefers full sun or partial shade. It can bloom from fall through spring in a warm climate.

Angel's Trumpet

Large yellow-orange blooms hang straight down beneath clusters of leaves

Angel's trumpet is a spectacular plant with long, tubular flowers that dangle gracefully beneath clusters of small green leaves. The colorful blooms can be anything from scarlet to yellow to gold to white. Unlike most plants, angel's trumpet blooms during the evening, so your yard will be filled with a sweet perfume as it gets dark - perfect for outdoor entertaining on your patio!


A pale pink rose with a rose bud in the background

A classic favorite aromatic plant, the rose is available in a vast range of colorful blooms and lovely fragrances. Although some roses have no scent at all, others have a strong fragrance. If possible, do a smell test before you pick a variety if a pleasing scent is important to you. Most roses prefer full sun to part shade and like to grow in well-drained soil.

Sweet Pea

Delicate purple flowers cluster in front of dark green leaves

The intricate, fragrant flowers of the sweet pea can climb as a vine or look charming tumbling from a planter or hanging basket. Its sweet-smelling flowers, with their beautiful scent, are sure to enhance your outdoor area, whether you go for pink, blue, white, or a bi-colored variety. Sweet pea likes full sun and well-drained soil.

Passion Flower

A striking, spiky, round purple passion flower

Passion flower is a plant with striking, showy flowers that are sure to make an impressive display beside your outdoor seating. This plant's rich, intoxicating smell will further capture your attention. Not only that, but most varieties will produce edible passion fruits in the fall! This sturdy vine requires a robust support such as an arbor or trellis. It likes full sun or part shade.


Long green stem-like leaves spiral up from a plant pot

Albuca is most noticeable for its beautiful foliage: the leaves grow in a surprising corkscrew, spiraling upward from the ground. These glossy leaves can grow up to eight inches tall. In addition, albuca's yellow flowers feature a mellow, sweet fragrance. Plant this beauty in well-drained soil, in full to part sun, and delight your guests with its soft fragrance and astonishing appearance.


A white flower with large petals surrounded by greenery

Gardenia, with its large, creamy white blooms scattered among glossy green foliage, is a beautiful shrub that will add charm to any outdoor space. It's not always an easy plant to care for, but many gardeners find the reward to be worth the effort. Its fruity scent, reminiscent of citrus, is sure to please. Gardenia likes part shade and needs low pH soil to thrive. Make sure to water regularly in dry weather. has lots of tips on caring for this lovely evergreen shrub.

We hope you've found some inspiration for pleasing all the senses in your backyard! As always, if you would like help testing your soil, picking suitable plants or designing and maintaining a beautiful landscape for your yard, get in touch with the friendly professionals at LawnMore.

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